do's & don'ts

Please arrive to appointment with eyes free of makeup. Clean lashes means more time for lash application! Make sure to remove all eye makeup before your appointment with an OIL-FREE makeup remover for optimal bonding. Make sure to avoid all heavy creams and or oil based products, lash tinting or any chemical treatments to your eyes at least 48 hours before your appointment.

Please DO NOT-

  • Curl lashes before appointment
  • Wear contact lenses to your appointment
     (Please bring glasses instead)
  • No coffee at least 4 hours prior to appointment

First 24 hours AVOID –

  • Wetting your eyes and lashes
  • Exposure to heat (steam, sauna, hot yoga)
  • Friction
  • Application of eye makeup
  • ALL oil-based products
  • Sleeping on your face/lashes
  • Receiving  irritating eye-area treatments ( like chemical peels, skin-resurfacing or laser treatment.)
  • After 24 hours make sure to clean your lashes using an oil-free cleanser

Allow 24 hours for adhesive to fully cure, to ensure longer lasting results